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Åredalen and its surroundings offer countless activities whatever season you visit. A very good source of information about everything one can do in the area is ÅreSweden.

Right near the hotel we have nice trails for cross-country skiing where parts of them are illuminated. You can read about and see the stretch here.
If you need to rent or buy skis, you will receive great service at Fjällsport in Duved.
The whole region is full of fine fishing spots, some of the best just behind the hotel, you can read more about fishing here. A short drive will take you to Duved and Tegefjäll's alpine system and Åre's fantastic slopes. If the temperatures are too low, you can use our newly built gym which has a ski machine, treadmill, rowing machine, free weights and most things you can need to keep your body in trim.

Afterwards you can take a sauna and relax in our relaxation area.

We strive to invite Millestgården to activity and be a starting point for the area's fantastic range of things to do both winter and summer.

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Fly fisherman using flyfishing rod in beautiful river
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